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hdm Product Bulletin - 13th November 2019

Inventors of the Ultra Clean Operating Theatre
Howorth Group

Inventors of the Ultra Clean Operating Theatre - Howorth Group

In the early 1960s, Howorth’s experience and skills were applied in response to the needs of the medical profession. Working in close collaboration with the renowned orthopaedic surgeon, Sir John Charnley, Howorth designed and developed the world’s first Ultra Clean Ventilation (UCV) system for operating theatres.

From this pioneering first step, the company went on to create the Howorth Exflow UCV which remains a global leader in the field of ultra-clean ventilation.

The latest variant, the screenless Exflow Evolution UCV, addresses the need for more space in theatres. Utilising the basic construction of the existing Exflow 28 and 32 the Evolution incorporates a patented Coanda design to eliminate the need for side screens.

The use of Howorth’s Exflow UCV has been proven to reduce the occurrence of micro-organisms within operating rooms and more specifically the wound site. Installed in operating rooms worldwide, the Howorth Exflow UCV canopy is available in two sizes, Exflow 28 (2.8m) and Exflow 32 (3.2m). Both models provide microbiological cleanliness and airflow results exceeding all current regulatory requirements.

The Exflow Evolution screenless UCV canopy incorporates a patented Coanda air containment system to maximise the clean area and minimise the risk of contamination in the clean zone without the need for side screens, low level vents or mechanical extract.


  • Unique exponential airflow pattern
  • No entrainment, even without full side walls
  • Up to 500 air changes per hour
  • Larger clean zone protects instruments
  • Graded air flow, higher central velocity overcomes thermal plumes

For more information visit howorthgroup.com.

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