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hdm Product Bulletin - 13th November 2019

Wardray Premise

Wardray Premise

Wardray Premise Ltd manufacture and install RF cabins for MRI facilities, along with magnetic shielding calculations and the installation of any subsequent steel shielding required. Wardray have an installed base of 320 plus cabins, and continue to develop their product. Their latest developments include:

  • independent acoustic testing of the Wardray RF cabin with the test concluding that the “Weighted Standardised Level Difference of the MRI booth is within the range of 40-45 DnT, w; and
  • the development of a fingerless RF door.

Wardray’s RF cabin is available for customers to review at their factory in West Yorkshire. Being able to examine an RF cage away from a building site allows potential customers to understand the construction process and obtain an appreciation of what’s hidden behind the walls of a finished MRI facility.

Visit their website: www.wardray-premise.com contact their staff at sales@wardray-premise.com or telephone 0208 398 9911 for further details or to arrange a visit.

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