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hdm Product Bulletin - 27th May 2020

Carpets that help combat the spread of infection

Carpets that help combat the spread of infection - Danfloor

Carpet plays a key role in the interior design of a care environment. They have many therapeutic benefits and have actually been proven to be quicker and less expensive to clean than hard flooring options.

Danfloor’s collection of healthcare carpets come with an innovative antimicrobial yarn treatment, which is an essential part of any infection prevention and control process. With a 99.99% (4 log) reduction in harmful bacteria, the yarn treatment starts to kill bugs and bacteria as soon as contamination occurs.

BI-OME® is a revolutionary technology that guarantees optimum active freshness and hygiene for textiles, even after intensive use and frequent washings. BI-OME® technology is based on a non-migrating permanent coating on the carpet fibres which is specially designed to deactivate micro-organisms.

A body fluid spill could potentially cause an infection control issue if not cleaned properly but this is how BI-OME® assists:

  • Contamination occurs, the carpet fibre attracts and holds the spillage in one place without it spreading any further
  • The carpet’s impervious membrane holds it on the surface of the carpet, without causing a slip hazard, to ensure it can be effectively cleaned away
  • The BI-OME® treatment punctures the cell membrane like a sword
  • It deactivates the micro-organism
  • It achieves a 99.9% reduction within the first 15 minutes and progresses to a 99.99% reduction within 30 minutes

BI-OME® has been developed to combat Superbugs such as MRSA and E-Coli.

The Danfloor products which contain our innovative antimicrobial yarn treatment include the Equinox, Economix and Evolution Collections and full details can be found online at www.danfloor.co.uk

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